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Tale of Tails

A Tale of Tails is an official featured artwork for Armello, the video game lovingly crafted by League of Geeks, Pty Ltd. This image has been made by the artist Adam Duncan and includes his printed signature on the piece.

A Tale of Tails was the first major artwork created as part of Armello's announcement to the world, it is Armello's signature and most identifiable piece. A Tale of Tails, features the four original heroes Thane of the Wolf Clan, Mercurio of the Rat Clan, Sana of the Bear Clan and Amber of the Rabbit Clan; The piece also depicts the dark malevolence of the King taking shape, his Guards marching in formation in the background and the creatures of Rot, Banes.

League of Geeks

League of Geeks (LoG) is an indie game development collective based in Melbourne comprising of talented professionals from video game development and multiple other industries. The studio was founded in 2011 to steal games from the other side of the universe just to blow your mind! The crew at LoG like long walks on beaches, collaborating with the most talented people in all the land, pushing at the very seams of every medium and creating unforgettable games with bold new worlds that just keep on giving.

Armello Art Print Collection