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Corona news update


Corona news update

Business as (not-so) usual at Cook and Becker

Arjan Terpstra

08 Apr 2020 ⋅ 3 min read

Several customers reached out to us over the past weeks, inquiring about our health (we’re fine, thank you!), or about the status of their orders. In light of recent events these questions are highly valid, as the COVID-19 pandemic understandably causes uncertainty about a lot of things.

Below we answer the questions customers had about our business, their orders, and anything in between. The list will be updated as we progress through these unprecedented times.

Stay safe!

Everyone at Cook and Becker.

Will my order come through in time?
At this point we don’t foresee any change in the distribution of our products, but expect deliveries can take one or two days longer than usual. Distribution is more or less ‘normal’ these days, as affected countries prioritise logistics (with ports, couriers and postal services deemed ‘critical’ infrastructure). Rest assured we are monitoring the situation closely to ensure a timely response to any disruption.

Is production affected by the pandemic?
After a period of adjusting to local health measures, our production partners (printers, paper mills, book binders et cetera) remain operational for the most part. We are blessed with a worldwide network of trusted, high-quality suppliers, and can easily shift orders between them (from continent to continent, even) if necessary. This doesn’t mean we won’t run into problems (because of course we will) but we’ve successfully dealt with production kinks in the past, and are confident we will deal with them again.

Is it safe to receive packages at the door?
We take all necessary health precautions in packaging and shipping our products. Postal and shipping services worldwide do the same, in an ongoing effort to keep employees and customers safe. Generally speaking this means postal workers and couriers minimize close contact at the door, or execute ‘safe drop’ policies where items are left at drop-off points. This is all dependent on local service policies, of course - check for details if you are unsure. Furthermore, general precautions apply: wash your hands after unboxing your purchase. Note: the gloves we provide with every art print are NOT medical gloves.

How are you doing?
At the moment we’re fine. Cook and Becker is situated near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Like many countries, The Netherlands are in (partial) lockdown, which means our office staff are working from home. Working in e-commerce and with international partners, this is hardly a change for us, apart from working close to our families for a change. Our master printer works mostly solo until things are back to normal.

Packaging and distribution are outsourced for the most part. We are in close contact with partners about health and safety regulations (like we have been before), making sure everyone involved in the logistic chain can work safely and responsibly.

Article posted March 24th, updated April 8th.