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Blackheart is an official featured artwork for Armello, the video game lovingly painted by League of Geeks, Pty Ltd. This image has been made by the artist Adam Duncan and includes his printed signature on the piece.

Blackheart is the second major artwork created for Armello and revealed to the world at the full launch of Armello. It features the corrupted and twisted King, surrounded by would be challengers and king slayers, the next four heroes in Armello; River from the Wolf Clan, Barnaby from the Rabbit Clan, Zosha from the Rat Clan and Brun from the Bear Clan.

League of Geeks

League of Geeks (LoG) is an indie game development collective based in Melbourne comprising of talented professionals from video game development and multiple other industries. League of Geeks launched Armello their debut game into the world on the 1st of September 2015 and was nominated for an IGF Excellence in Visual Art award.

Armello Art Print Collection