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Happy Post-Apocalyptic World

Aiko is a survivor of the Eco-Apocalypse. This disaster has reduced the earth to a pile of garbage and rubble. The strong climate changes, due to the disruption of the natural balance of the planet, have redrawn and reshaped the landscape. Aiko is trying to adapt. She is, like all the survivors, roaming the planet in search for untouched, green and uncontaminated land, where she can rebuild her house.

With Happy Post-Apocalyptic World Faini wanted to describe in a single image an eco-disaster caused by the hyper-consumerism of our society and the exploitation of our natural resources.
The story of Aiko is a tale about hope, that's why Faini used vibrant colours and tones. With this painting Faini hopes to inspire people to take more eco-friendly decisions.

Edvige Faini

Edvige Faini is een conceptkunstenaar uit Milaan. Haar primaire focus is concept design, matte painting en environment design voor films, games, reclames en andere entertainment media. Ze staat bekend om haar werk voor games en films als Assassin's Creed Unity, Final Fantasy XV en Sin City.

Edvige Faini Personal Work