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Dark Souls III Fine Art Print Collection


Dark Souls III Fine Art Print Collection

Key aesthetics involve crumbling gothic architecture, dark forests and other uninviting landscapes


09-11-2017 ⋅ 2 min read

We are happy to announce the release of a beautiful high-end collection of art giclee prints from the video game Dark Souls III. The official Dark Souls III fine art collection, made in collaboration with FromSoftware, consists of 17 museum grade giclee reproductions of key concept art pieces used in the development and marketing of From Software’s latest entry in the critically acclaimed Souls series.

The Dark Souls III prints by Cook & Becker are Certified Art Giclee™ prints and are available in very limited editions. Each print is hand-numbered, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The prints are sold unframed, with a high-end finish or frame.

Dark Souls III, released spring 2016, is the third installment in the Dark Souls action-adventure role playing game series. The game follows the same artistic rule set used in earlier installments. Key aesthetics involve crumbling gothic architecture, dark forests, and many other uninviting landscapes, evoking a constant sense of dread in the player. This dark, ominous-feeling art style was further enhanced in Dark Souls III by a liberal use of embers and ash, which tie into the central story theme of an 'Ashen One' tasked with rekindling the 'First Flame' to avert the start of a 'Dark Age'. Most of the design adheres to a 'withered beauty' standard, in which objects, buildings and people are malformed by various forms of decay: chests are rusty, trees overgrown with heavy moss, bodies disintegrating. The end result is a well-designed hellscape, where players need all their cunning and resolve to defeat the grotesque creatures thrown their way.

Dark Souls III Fine Art Print Collection

Mark my words ashen one, you remain among the accursed