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Lennard Schuurmans

Versatile artist and self-professed motor junky Lennard Schuurmans (Amsterdam, 1979) experiments uninhibited in his quest to create timeless art. He switches freely between illustrative and abstract work, and creates among others prints, paintings, sculptures, murals, children's books, cartoons and advertising.

He completely styled Levi's Parisian concept store for instance, created murals in Kopenhagen, Amsterdam, Brighton and Valencia and did set designs for the Elle Style Award and a photo shoot with famous actress Carice van Houten.
This versatility also shines through in Schuurmans' plethora of influences. His great love is vintage bike culture - custom bikes and classic choppers and boppers - but also nature, art deco, art from the interbellum, Cartoon Network and "the golden age of illustration".

Schuurmans usually makes his illustrations by hand and colors them on the computer. Next to his figurative work he currently also does a lot of abstract art; searching for interesting shapes that are interesting on their own. His wooden type cases are a great example of that.

Irrespective of medium and style, Schuurmans' goal is always to create timeless art.

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