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Keita Takahashi

Keita Takahashi (Japan, 1975) is a game designer, illustrator and trained sculptor. He gained international renown after creating the playful, unique and innovative video game Katamari Damacy. Upon its release in 2004, Time Magazine called the game “the most unusual and original game to hit the PlayStation 2”. It was also the first game ever to receive a Good Design Award.

He followed up Katamari Damacy with We Love Katamari, and the wonderfully eclectic Noby Noby Boy. After that, Takahashi started Uvula together with his wife, composer Asuka Asai, to work on other projects outside the games industry. These include designing a playground in Nottingham, UK and assorted music and illustration work.

Takahashi wants to make the world a better place by designing fun things. His colorful and simple designs are accessible across the age spectrum. Of the Nice Hair designs that he made for Cook & Becker he says: “I thought of the nice hair design because my brain was poor.” Takahashi is known to cut his own hair…

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