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Thomas Pringle

Artist Thomas Pringle was born and raised in Denmark where he graduated in Illustration from the School of Design in 2005. Shortly thereafter he moved to Canada to work on commercial projects for the film and game industry. Some of the games Pringle has worked on include: Halo, Infamous: Second Son and Thief 4. His film work includes Cloud Atlas, the Fantastic Four reboot and Tron: Uprising.

Pringle has always liked drawing and creating imaginative worlds. What fascinates him most is creating environments that get the viewers attention and imagination going. Not by working everything out in detail but by using subtle hints and a painterly style. His focus is always on mood, colour and composition. Pringle finds his inspiration from a lot of sources. Some of the artists that have inspired him are: John Harris for his fantastic structures, William Turner for his approach to painting and Caspar David Friedrich for his powerful compositions and strong shape language.

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