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Museum-quality giclée prints by criticially acclaimed concept artist Maciej Kuciara are now for sale exclusively via Cook & Becker's website.

Maciej Kuciara's Metropolis depicts a huge futuristic city that keeps expanding vertically due to lack of land and overpopulation. The poor lower lying areas and the people that inhabit them exist in the shadow of new economic growth. Limited edition art prints by the illustrator and concept designe Maciej Kuciara is now available at our on-line shop.

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Maciej Kuciara

Maciej Kuciara ist ein herausragender Künstler und Konzeptdesigner aus Polen, der in Santa Monica in Kalifornien lebt. Seine Konzeptarbeiten umfassen sowohl große Hollywood-Produktionen wie Blade Runner 2049, Ghost in The Shell oder Avengers: Infinity War, als auch bedeutende Videospiele, darunter preisgekrönte Titel wie Naughty Dogs Uncharted-Reihe und die The Last of Us-Spiele.

Maciej Kuciara Personal Work


The Last Of Us Fine Art Print Collection

No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for

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