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Jump is original video game concept art for the PlayStation game InFamous: Second Son. This digital illustration is made by concept artist Susan Luo under art direction of Horia Dociu at Sucker Punch Productions. This original fine art print is a hand-numbered limited-edition and digitally signed by the artist.

The concept art illustration Jump was also an Into the Pixel 2014 finalist and winner. For Into the Pixel - an initiative by the AIAS - a jury of experts chooses a selection of the best concept art made that year. A short interview with Susan Luo about Into the Pixel can be found
. Susan Luo used the dynamic paintings of artist Phil Hale as inspiration for this work as well as the art by Marko Djurdjevic. Djurdevic creates concept art for outfit SixMoreVodka that also counts Guerrilla Games among its clients. Artist Gerald Parel is also involved with SixMoreVodka.

Sucker Punch Productions

Sucker Punch ist ein amerikanischer Videospielentwickler aus Bellevue im US-Staat Washington. Er ist bekannt für seine Sly Cooper und Infamous-Spiele auf den PlayStation-Plattformen und seinen neuesten Titel Ghosts of Tsushima.

InFamous: Second Son Fine Art Print Collection

Flee in terror, mortals! I could melt your faces with nothing more than my pinkie!

Ghost of Tsushima Kunstdrucksammlung

Not everyone can be a samurai, but we're all killers

Sly Cooper

"Yeah, I read you Bentley. Loud and... very loud."