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Techno-Organic Beast (TOBy)

Techno-Organic Beast (TOBy) is born from a combination of natural and organic shapes with an advanced, mechanical body. TOBy is equipped with a self-healing armor, organic sensors and an advanced movement system. It is designed to carry heavy loads.

Since TOBy is in part a living liveform it can feel pain and suffer from fatigue, but he can regenerate itself. The brain of the beast has never had a malfunction but his mechanical part needs frequent maintenance.

Faini always have had a passion for pictures that describe the fusion between organic and technological elements. She is fascinated by the idea of a technology applied to biological systems.
Edvige loves to wonder and think about the result of this combination and the possible applications and implications. The scientific research in this field is going faster and faster. Artists have the big privilege and the freedom to imagine all possible future scenarios that could happen.

Edvige Faini

Edvige Faini ist eine Konzeptkünstlerin aus Mailand. Ihr Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt liegt im Bereich Konzeptdesign, Matte Painting und Umgebungsdesign für Filme, Spiele, Werbung und andere Unterhaltungsmedien. Sie ist bekannt für ihre Arbeit an Spielen und Filmen wie Assassin‘s Creed Unity, Final Fantasy XV und Sin City.

Edvige Faini Personal Work