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Space Harrier

Space Harrier is a limited edition giclee print drawn by artist Kilian Eng (DW Design) based on the classic SEGA game series Space Harrier™.This is an officially licensed SEGA print. Space Harrier is a design of legendary video game maker Yu Suzuki and was first released in 1985 as an arcade game. The game was ported to a variety of home video game systems and is still available today on modern consoles. The arcade game was known for it's 3D analogue movement and hydraulic sit-down cabinet that moved with the players actions. A first of its kind.

When you purchase this Certified Art Giclee unframed the paper size is 24 x 36" or 60 x 90 cm with a small white border so that it fits affordable standard frames available anywhere in the world. For the Dibond mounted finish we trim the white edges so the final size of the artwork is 22 x 34" / 55 x 85 cm.

Artist Kilian Eng says about his Space Harrier artwork: "I have great memories of a lot of classic SEGA games. My first SEGA print Phantasy Star was a lot of fun to make and reactions to it were very positive. Space Harrier also has a lot of nostalgic value for me so this had to be my choice for a second print."


SEGA ist ein japanisches Entertainment-Unternehmen mit enormen Einfluss auf die Populärkultur, das mit lebendigen und dynamischen Videospielen wie Sonic the Hedgehog oder Outrun in den 80er Jahren den Geschmack einer jungen Gegenkultur erfolgreich getroffen hat.

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