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Arlequine Variation

"Once I finished Arlequine, I wanted to continue sculpting using the textures I had created because I enjoyed the work", says Emmanuel Malin of his Arlequine Variation. "So I pushed on, further tinkering with my Photoshop layers and introducing imagery of leather head masks from South-East Asia. These have fascinated me for a long time now and I was happy to exorcise part of that obsession with this piece", laughs Malin. The obsession has not entirely been squelched though, as masks still play a big part in Emmanuel Malins work.

This original digital art print is sold exclusively as museum-grade Certified Art Giclee™ in a limited edition of 25.

Emmanuel Malin

Der Pariser Emmanuel Bastid (Künstlername Malin) ist ein französischer Illustrator und Grafikdesigner im Bereich der Unterhaltungsindustrie.

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