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Sunrise in Suez

Sunrise in Suez is concept art for the campaign of Battlefield 4. This image has been made by DICE artist Sigurd Fernström. The entire team responsible for Battlefield 4's concept art consists of Robbert Sammelin, Henrik Sahlström, Sigurd Fernström & Eric Persson. The print is hand-numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the entire team. Unframed print are signed via label or in verso by one of the above artists.

Concept art is created in the early stages of game production to visualize game ideas. Concept art often communicates a tone, style and scope of a project. This Battlefield art print shows one of the broad vistas that Battlefield is know for in the genre of the “Military First Person Shooter (FPS)”.

By now the military FPS is a genre in itself in the games industry. These games are played by tens of millions of people and because of that they form a very visible part of the medium. They are games with huge budgets that also advertise new graphical and technological developments within the medium.

Concept art for these types of games features many similarities with the genre of Military Art or Combat Art. The battle scene is one of the oldest types of art in developed civilizations, as rulers have always been keen to celebrate their victories and intimidate potential opponents. The aesthetic of Battlefield’s concept art has a lot in common with this type of art. The twist of course is that these Battlefield 4 concepts depict the virtual battles of millions of gamers that at the moment of making them would not be fought for years. A look to the future instead of a retrospective.


DICE (voller Name: EA Digital Illusions CE AB) ist ein schwedischer Videospielentwickler aus Stockholm, bekannt für seine sehr erfolgreichen Battlefield, Mirror's Edge und Star Wars-Spiele.

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