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Geisha is an original digital art print. Artist Arnaud Valette colored and modified his pencil and pen drawing on the computer.

The symbolic artwork Geisha is part of Arnaud Valette's Red Mescaline art project. The head of a geisha is surrounded by Japanese symbols. The Koi carps represent courage and prosperity for instance, while the skull illustrates life and death. The use of heavily saturated colors is also important to Valette because they represent life and energy. The patterns and brush strokes swirl around the head of the geisha. She is surrounded by this craziness. It looks like she is almost drowning in all those details but she is in control. She is the one creating all those things around her. They are a result of her spiritual power.

Arnaud Valette

Arnaud Valette ist ein französischer Künstler, der sich auf Konzeptkunst für große Filmproduktionen spezialisiert hat.

Arnaud Valette Personal Work