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The Oracle

The Oracle is an original digital art print. Artist Arnaud Valette painted this artwork digitally on the computer on the basis of a traditional pen drawing.

The Oracle, like the artwork Geisha, is part of Valette´s art project and art book Red Mescaline. The Oracle is another example of an image painted by Arnaud Valette filled with life, weird little creatures, and heavily saturated colors that cause a storm of energy.

The artwork symbolizes the creative explosion and ideas that can come from the human mind. Man is depicted here with only half of a tiny human body to illustrate our inability to control our own thoughts. The human mind is clearly the most powerful element in this artwork.

Arnaud Valette uses a lot of Japanese symbolism and references in his work because he is very attracted to aspects of Japanese culture with its forest gods and ghosts and Japanese graphic design.

Arnaud Valette

Arnaud Valette ist ein französischer Künstler, der sich auf Konzeptkunst für große Filmproduktionen spezialisiert hat.

Arnaud Valette Personal Work