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The Fence

The digital artwork The Fence shows a simple and early level design from the game Killzone 3. It shows a route the gamer can take in order to reach his goal. The Fence is one of the rare pieces that determined the look and feel of the Killzone 3 location called The Scrapyard.
The Fence is part of Cook & Becker’s official Killzone Collection.


Guerrilla ist ein Videospielstudio mit Sitz in Amsterdam, Niederlande, das für die Open-World-RPG-Spiele Horizon Zero Dawn und Horizon Forbidden West bekannt ist.

Killzone Fine Art Print Collection

The essence of combat: kill or be killed!

Horizon Forbidden West

"Whatever comes... I will be ready."

Künstliche Horizon Zero Dawn Poster und Notizbücher

It's a world worth fighting for. Not just here. Everywhere.