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Cook and Becker is an international art gallery, book publisher and concept store for video game art, concept art and design. Together with top contemporary artists, illustrators and game studios we produce art in limited editions, art books and other beautiful design products that often touch upon video games, entertainment and pop culture.

Kelsey H.

A Beautifully Designed Book Recommended For Any FF Fan I think the way this book is laid out is absolutely gorgeous. The beautifully illustrated full-page spreads, the different types of paper used, the typography, it's all great. The illustrations and game models are crisp and colorful, and, overall, the book offers some more insight into what went into making the world of FFXV. My only gripes are with the odd size and content; while I do appreciate the size because I think it complements the imagery, it sticks out on my bookshelf, so I'm not sure where to safely put it. My other issue is that I wish there were more pictures of the main four (Noctis and friends); it felt very Kingsglaive heavy, and I wished there was more imagery of the Astrals (like Ifrit). These things are minor though; the positives far outweigh the negatives and I highly recommend this for any Final Fantasy fan.

Dippe F.

Great notebook, I love writing Great notebook, I love writing

Joe B.

Relic-Fallout 76 I feel like I'm playing the game when I look at it. Perfect!