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SIE Santa Monica Studio

SIE Santa Monica Studio is a video game production company based in California, USA. Best known for the award-winning God of War games, the studio worked on a diverse range of products, ranging from VR horror game Here they Lie, action-adventure game The Order: 1886, to cartoony hack ’n’ slash RPG Fat Princess.

One defining trait is Santa Monica’s commitment to incubation of game startups. By mentoring smaller studios like Thatgamecompany (Flow, Journey), Giant Sparrow (The Unfinished Swan), and SuperBot Entertainment (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale), SIE Santa Monica Studio greatly expanded its artistic footprint within the video game sphere.

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The official God of War Art Collection


From Savage to Subtle; God of War's Tonal Contrasts

In God of War, the Greek god Kratos trades the bloody wars of the Olympus for the tranquility of a Nordic forest, where he lives a quiet life with his son Atreus. Setting out on a quest to deliver the ashes of Atreus' mother to the highest mountain peak in the region, Kratos is soon tasked with something inherently impossible: to keep his son from a life of violence while slashing his way through the throngs of trolls, wood elves, and Norse gods that bar their progress.

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The Art of God of War

The official God of War Fine Art Print Collection is now available. Take a look at the selection of the great art of God of War. You can click on the images for more information about the print.

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God of War - Constructing Alfheim

Alfheim was the first realm the God of War team worked on after designing Midgard and it would set out how fantastical, yet grounded the other areas of the game would become.

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God of War - Creating the Valkyries

The Valkyrie designs are absolutely intricate, gorgeous and intimidating all at once. Through fascinating, angelic inspirations to the importance of their wings, The God of War team wanted to impart a sense of imposing and beautiful dread while you face off against the unique and deadly Valkyries.

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God of War Notebooks

These stunning new God of War notebooks are now available for purchase.

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