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DICE (or: EA Digital Illusions CE AB, in full) is a Swedish video game developer from Stockholm, best known for its highly successful Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, and Star Wars games. DICE, acquired by Electronic Arts in 2006, is one of the world’s most prolific game studios, pushing boundaries in game visuals continuously seeking innovation in the first-person game genre. Battlefield, a first-person shooter game series, sits among the most successful game series of all time, showing realistic renderings of war scenes. Responsible for the incredible rendering of visuals is DICE’s self-developed Frostbite Engine, software eagerly adopted by EA to power other games, like the FIFA soccer games.

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst Fine Art Print Collection

Faith Connors. Wherever I turn there you are

Battlefield 4 Fine Art Print Collection

We are not leaving you behind! No one gets left behind! PUSH!

Battlefield 1 Fine Art Print Collection

Every once in a while, we push hard enough that the light breaks through the clouds, and the world beyond the war glimmers

Mirror's Edge Fine Art Print Collection

We don't exactly fit in. Anywhere. And we've made that our greatest strength

Official Battlefield 4 Concept Art

Swedish top game developer DICE & next-gen art dealership Cook & Becker are proud to present a curated collection of museum-grade art prints of next-gen "Military FPS" Battlefield 4.

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Mass Effect & Mirror’s Edge Art Collection

Art dealership Cook & Becker, in conjunction with leading game development studios BioWare and DICE, presents a curated selection of original digital fine art prints from the Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge games.

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