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American video game production company Bungie is best known for their sci-fi shooter game series Halo and Destiny, titles that have been enjoyed by millions of players around the globe. Both feature believable, superbly crafted sci-fi fantasy worlds, and are populated by equally well-realised warrior characters, and colorful aliens. Stylistically, these games' often striking character designs never compromise the purtity of their first-person shooter gameplay - anything that gets in the way of a smooth player experience has no place in a Bungie game.

Before the massive successes of Halo and Destiny, Bungie established itself with another sci-fi themed game series, the technologically innovative Marathon trilogy, and the first two (real-time tactics) Myth games. While not global smashes in the same way as what followed them, these two game series that have achieved classic status amongst gamers.

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Destiny 2 Fine Art Print Collection

I'm your Ghost. And you are one of the Traveler's chosen. You are a Guardian. This is your destiny

Destiny Fine Art Print Collection

See what you can pull out of Rasputin. There's a joke in there somewhere

Destiny 2 Fine Art Print Info

A Sequel Collection

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The Art of Destiny 2

A Video Game You Want to Spend Time In

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Destiny Fine Art Print Collection

Original concept art prints from Bungie's scifi masterpiece

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