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Studio FromSoftware, Inc. is responsible for giving us some of modern gaming's most influential titles. Their forays into atmospheric, Gothic horror worlds with a stellar difficulty level - the Dark Souls games, their prequel Demon's Souls, and the spiritually similar Bloodborne - have inspired many other studios and developers, who've credited FromSoftware director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s influence on them in terms of world design, or attention to the myriad details that make a good video game fight tick. The battles in Dark Souls and its related games are notoriously difficult - and immensely rewarding - to the point of making ""a Dark Souls-like difficulty"" a well-known turn of phrase amongst reviewers and fans.

Dark Souls and Demon's Souls elevated FromSoftware’s global profile as a studio, but these aren’t the only titles worth your time: the studio’s preference for hardcore gaming in dark settings also defined earlier releases like Armored Core, Otogi and the Tenchu games.

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ELDEN RING fine art print collection

"My flesh was dull gold... and my blood, rotted."

Bloodborne Concept Art Print Collection

We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood

Dark Souls III Fine Art Print Collection

Mark my words ashen one, you remain among the accursed

Dark Souls Fine Art Print Collection

Let me guess. Fate of the Undead, right? Well, you're not the first

Dark Souls II Fine Art Print Collection

Like a moth drawn to a flame, your wings will burn in anguish. Time after time

Elden Ring: It's all about the boss

The art of Elden Ring and Dark Souls games truly shines in boss and monster design.

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New: ELDEN RING fine art print collection

Available worldwide, our ELDEN RING fine art collection is live!

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The Withered Beauty of Dark Souls III

Forget difficult, this game is haunted.

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Video game art collectors discuss their treasures.

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