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New: ELDEN RING fine art print collection


New: ELDEN RING fine art print collection

Available worldwide, our ELDEN RING fine art collection is live!

Arjan Terpstra

27 Sep 2022 ⋅ 1 min read

ELDEN RING, for most console gamers, was by far one of the most popular videogames of 2022. In fact, many staffers at Cook and Becker were hooked on the game from the get-go, lauding both its gameplay, and the terrific fantasy world and art style.

And so it is with immense gratitude we proudly launch a collection of museum-grade-quality art prints, with images used in the concepting phase of ELDEN RING's development. The collection is officially licensed by FromSoftware, Inc., and Bandai Namco Entertainment Ltd., and was carefully curated to show the range of art the game has to offer.

The ELDEN RING collection consists of 10 prints, showing in-game characters such as Godfrey, and General Radahn and Leonard, or locations like Limgrave, the Debate Hall, the Lake Village Of The Albinaurics, and more.

The limited-edition prints are museum-grade quality, using only the best quality paper and archival inks to ensure longevity. All works are available for purchase unframed, or with a high-quality frame or finish.

Visit the full collection by clicking this link for information on pricing, and finishing.
© Bandai Namco Entertainment Ltd.

The artwork 'Godfrey' is one of the available art prints in our ELDEN RING fine art collection. See details on the piece by clicking this link.

ELDEN RING fine art print collection

"My flesh was dull gold... and my blood, rotted."