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Rebecca Guay

Rebecca Guay is a highly respected American artist within the Magic: The Gathering community. Her work is known for its delicate lines, vibrant colors, and atmospheric compositions, characterized by an unmistakably classical style that often relies on the use of watercolor paint. Guay began her career at Wizards of the Coast, the publisher of Magic: The Gathering, around the year 2000 and has since illustrated many memorable cards.

Her style is often described as feminine, dreamy, and ethereal, and she is especially known for her skill in capturing the mystical and magical aspects of the MTG game. Some of her most notable works include cards such as "Path To Exile", "Hana Kami", and "Bitterblossom", all beloved by players and collectors for their aesthetics and the way they bring the stories of Magic: The Gathering to life.

Rebecca Léveillé Guay has made a lasting impression on the MTG art world. In addition to her work within MTG, Guay has also received multiple awards for her gallery work and is the recipient of various industry honors, including two gold medals from Spectrum.

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