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Konami is a Japanese video game producer and publisher of worldwide renown and cultural influence. Like many Japanese household names in gaming, Konami first found success in arcade games in the early 1980s, with now-classics like Super Cobra, Frogger and Scramble amongst its most popular titles. Moving from arcade to home consoles, Konami kept wooing audiences, producing many titles of great significance to the budding medium of video games. Over the years, Konami has left its mark with everything from its Yu-Gi-Oh trading card series to its Pro Evolution Soccer football games, its 2D Castlevania titles to the joyous Dance Dance Revolution experiences, and onto the epic and intense worlds realised in its Metal Gear (Solid) series.

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Konami Tribute Art Collection

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The Gothic Success of Castlevania

Castlevania is one of those titles that truly deserves its classic video game status. The horror-themed action-adventure series kicked off in 1986 when Japanese studio and publisher Konami launched the eponymous first game, and has been around ever since. Selling in the millions to a worldwide audience, and successfully branching out into anime and manga, Castlevania seared itself into the collective memory, forever a pop-cultural reference for each and any medium offering vampire hunting at the loud crack of a whip.

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Q&A with artist Nicolas Delort

Artist Nicolas Delort is a Canadian and French illustrator who works from Paris, France. He created a beautiful fine art print for Cook and Becker based on Konami's classic video game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. We asked him about his art, work and inspirations.

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