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SEGA is a Japanese entertainment company that has had a huge impact on popular culture, with vibrant and punchy video games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Outrun successfully embracing the youthful counter culture of the 1980s and 1990s. Starting in the 1940s as a manufacturer of one-armed bandits, jukeboxes and pinball machines for the entertainment of US Army troops, the company then known as Service Games - the name SEGA would be founded in the 1960s - quickly embraced video games when the medium first emerged in the 1970s. Over the years, SEGA would grow into the world’s most prolific arcade game producer, with 530 games across 73 franchises on 23 different arcade system boards since 1981, while also enjoying success through its now-legendary home consoles like the 16-bit Mega Drive system, aka the Genesis in North America. Best known for its multi-million selling game franchise Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA’s immense portfolio also boosts classic titles like Virtua Fighter, Phantasy Star, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage, Yakuza and Total War amongst many, many others.

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Kilian Eng - Commissioned artworks


Sonic The Hedgehog Art & Merchandise

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The official SEGA art book

The official SEGA art book

SEGA Tribute Art Print Collection


Officially Licensed Castlevania Art Prints By Kilian Eng

Discover Kilian Eng's rendition of a video game classic that spawned an entire genre

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Article: Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Art Book

Cook & Becker and SEGA announce incoming official Sonic the Hedgehog: 25th Anniversary Art Book

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Sonic The Hedgehog Art Book Expanded With 32 Extra Pages!

Updated with designs from Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces and Team Racing

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Is Sonic as iconic in a movie as in games?

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30 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog

How Sega Moved Sonic from 2D to 3D

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Games on film: it's getting better

Uncharted and Sonic2 prove: game movies are (finally) hitting their mark.

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Top Artists Draw Their Favorite Classic SEGA Game

Official SEGA prints of Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Phantasy Star & Streets of Rage

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Beautiful Space Channel 5 Art Print

"Hey there, space cats! Ulala here, comin' at you from Spaceport 9."

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DirtyRobot's dynamic art

Daniel Isles talks about his great Shinobi game art print, Shadow Dancer.

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