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Officially Licensed Castlevania Art Prints By Kilian Eng


Officially Licensed Castlevania Art Prints By Kilian Eng

Discover Kilian Eng's rendition of a video game classic that spawned an entire genre

Arjan Terpstra

16 Nov 2017 ⋅ 2 min read

The artwork was made by known digital artist Kilian Eng, and is now available worldwide via our online gallery and store in two variations based on the original Castlevania game. One in glorious full-colour, the other rendered towards the monochrome color palette of the original Gameboy on which two Castlevania games were released.

Castlevania is a title that truly deserves its classic video game status. The horror-themed action-adventure series kicked off in 1986 when Japanese studio and publisher Konami launched the eponymous first game, and has been around ever since.

Castlevania has always fascinated Eng, from the amazing music, beautiful detailed settings, and its myriad of iconic enemies, to the inspiration the games find in mythology, horror literature, and film. In his Castlevania artwork, Eng sought to capture these elements and present a setting ‘full of detail and mystique’, while also focusing on the final encounter with what he calls ‘the ultimate nemesis,’ Count Dracula. Eng: “In my image Simon Belmont has climbed the final steps of countless staircases on his journey through the castle, to finally meet his foe. It’s final boss time!”

The aim is to create a series of beautiful prints, officially licensed by Konami that capture the heart of the classic games Castlevania and Silent Hill, their aesthetic and what they meant for the artists playing them.

More information about additions to Cook & Becker’s officially licensed Konami print collection, as well as the responsible artists, will be announced shortly.

The offical Castlevania tribute prints by Kilian Eng are available in our online gallery.

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