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Daniel Isles

Daniel Isles was born in England, and currently lives in Hokkaido, Japan. Working on illustrations and comics sometimes under the pen name - DirtyRobot

Daniel Isles (DirtyRobot) Commissions

Watch Daniel Isles at work

Watch Japan-based artist Daniel Isles work on the amazing 'Jet Set Radio (2018)' print.

SEGA Tribute Art Collection


Jet Set Radio (2018) by 'DirtyRobot' Q&A

We worked with SEGA and Japan-based artist Daniel Isles - known under the moniker 'DirtyRobot' - to create a unique new print for Jet Set Radio!

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Top Artists Draw Their Favorite Classic SEGA Game

Cook & Becker asked some of the hottest artists working in entertainment and video games today to draw and create a print of their favorite classic SEGA games. The idea was to create a series of beautiful prints under direction of SEGA that would capture the heart of these classic brands, their aesthetic and what they meant for people playing them and growing up with them.

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Beautiful Space Channel 5 Art Print

We teamed up with SEGA and known art director, illustrator and floral arrangement designer Veronique Meignaud to bring you this beautiful, decorative Space Channel 5 art print featuring star reporter Ulala! Space Channel is the cult music game directed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez,Child of Eden) and was first released in 1999.

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