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Chris Berens

Chris Berens (Netherlands, 1976) is a Dutch painter best known for his otherworldly rendering of subjects. Heavily influenced by Dutch masters like Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Jheronimus Bosch, as well as academic artists like Ingres or Bouguereau, he is very much a painter of our times, lending a surrealistic and 'floating' quality to art that is quintessentially modern.

Berens established a painting technique very much his own. An ever evolving mixture of traditional painting and digital design. After creating and selecting a composition, he tags on smaller pieces, pours on more paints and varnish and then cuts away what isn't needed. The resulting imagery has clear signs of the work put into it (visible as scar-like tears and scratches), and yet every scene seems to float, as Berens’ dynamic variety of techniques and media gives his work a distinctly opaque quality.

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