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Our 5 most beautiful video game notebooks


Our 5 most beautiful video game notebooks

Check out these gorgeous notebooks in video game themes.

Arjan Terpstra

19 Apr 2022 ⋅ 4 min read

When it comes to designing notebooks and other video game merchandise, the creatives at Cook and Becker know what they aim at: quality. So it is with the utmost care they select paper stocks, test bindings, printing options and everything else, before deciding on a specific visual design. Because a notebook may look ok, but true quality will only reveal itself when you use it.

The same counts for Cook and Becker's stationery sets. Designers go through great lengths to find the right materials for each item in a set: the box, pencils or pens, stickers, et cetera. All to find a product to be enjoyed both by video game fans, and lovers of quality products in general.

Check out our five most popular designs below, and click the links to reach the product pages for more information. Worldwide shipping!

1. The Last of Us Part II notebooks

Fans of The Last of Us Part II will appreciate this beautiful stationery box set. Developed in close conjunction with creatives at Naughty Dog, the box set is a true tribute to the journey of Ellie and Abby. Wrapped in a "protective" cover, warning of possible traces of cordyceps fungus, an aged container holds two notebooks (one Ellie's, and one Abby's), a TLOUII fine art print, two pencils, and various other items—Ellie's guitar pick among them!

Find more information about The Last of Us Part II notebooks by clicking the link.
All items TLOU Notebook Set

2. Persona 5 notebooks

You'd have no problem enlisting in Shujin Academy if you applied with the special Persona 5 notebooks in hand. These themed notebooks take their visual cues from the lauded Atlus game, with one notebook devoted to daytime college life, and one celebrating the nightly adventures of Joker and friends. The notebooks come in two different editions: the Collector's Edition has the full set, while the Limited Edition has the "daytime" notebook only, plus various extra's.

Visit our product page to learn more!
© Atlus

The official Persona 5 stationery set, available on this website through this link.

3. God of War notebooks

We have no idea if Kratos and Atreus keep notes while fighting trolls, but if they do, they would surely like our God of War notebook sets. Set firmly in the God of War universe, this gorgeous set has two themed notebooks, one fine art print, and several themed items like metal Kratos and Atreus clips, and a stamp set. Both editions (there's a Limited Edition with only one notebook, and a Collector's Edition as a full set) uniquely have 16 blank pages inserted, to give room to any artistic urges.

Find out more by clicking the link to our God of War notebook pages.
God of War Notebook CE Open 1

4. The Witcher 3 notebooks

The two notebooks in our The Witcher 3 set (sold out, unfortunately) are again based on the identities of a famous gaming duo: Geralt and Ciri. Both have their sturdy notebook design, where bonded leather meets a cotton fabric in the color of both characters' dresses. A range of spell symbols from the game are the finishing design touches. A Witcher fine art print and large coin complete the set.

Find more information here.
The Witcher 3 Notebook Cover CE
© CD Projekt Red

5. Horizon Zero Dawn notebooks

The world of the Horizon games is so fabulous, you want to live in it always. That's why we, together with Guerrilla, created notebooks that carry over the look and feel of the games to your realm. Both the soft brown of the leather cover, the intricate markings, and the blue elastic and reading ribbon indicate we're in Aloy's territory, and who could resist trying on the Focus-shaped paperclip?

Details about the Horizon Zero Dawn notebook are in the link.
Horizon Zero Dawn Notebook LE
© Guerrilla Games

Our collection of notebook and stationery sets can be found through this link, that leads directly to our Books, Notebooks, and Vinyl section.

The official God of War Art Collection


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