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The Art of God of War


The Art of God of War

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18 Jun 2018 ⋅ 2 min read

The official God of War Fine Art Print Collection is now available. Take a look at the selection of the great art of God of War. You can click on the images for more information about the print.

God of War - Týr
Týr - Abe Taraky
When Kratos and Atreus arrive at the Lake of Nine for the first time, they see half of the decrepit statue above the water line. The rest of the statue is submerged, along with the hidden Lake of Nine Temple.
"The idea behind the statue is that if the Lake of Nine Temple’s opulence was a reflection of Týr's personality, then this statue was meant to embody Týr's stature," said senior concept artist Abe Taraky.

God of War – World Serpent
World Serpent - José Cabrera
"The World Serpent was a fun challenge," said concept artist Stephen Oakley. "Turning a simple snake into an immense, wise, and intimidating character—rather than a simple creature—was an interesting task."

God of War – Kratos and Atreus
Kratos and Atreus - José Cabrera
Where Kratos had previously been something of a one-note protagonist, the team came to recognize how his entrance into fatherhood might serve as an organic way to add more emotional depth to his character.

God of War – A New Beginning
A New Beginning - José Cabrera
Setting out on a quest to deliver the ashes of Atreus' mother to the highest mountain peak in the region, Kratos is soon tasked with something inherently impossible: to keep his son from a life of violence while slashing his way through the throngs of trolls.

God of War – First Norse Concept
First Norse Concept - José Cabrera
"We collectively all picked our jaws up off the floor and said, 'that's the game . . . this is the direction we should go in'"
First Norse Concept by José Cabrera was one of the first concept arts for God of War and cemented the mood for the game early on.

God of War – Treacherous Ice
Treacherous Ice - José Cabrera
The game world, a realistic pre-Viking world in which Norse mythology springs to life, is rendered beautifully, often leaving the player gasping for air when taking in all the scenic beauty. Yet the very next moment, he/she may confront another realm of realism: that of the ugliness of battle.

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