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Journey Fine Art Print Collection

Journey is one of the most critically-acclaimed modern video games and by now an iconic PlayStation title.

For many players the game offers a unique emotional and moving experience, helped by the fact that the game is open for multiple interpretations.

What the journey represents is different for every player. The game starts with a cloaked figure in the desert and sets off towards a mysterious split mountain on the horizon.

Along the way the player can encounter other human beings who are on the same path but communication is limited to musical tones and movement.

The game deliberately follows the narrative patterns as described in Joseph Campells 'The Hero with a Thousand Faces'.

The designers wanted to inspire a sense of wonder and smallness in players. They therefore designed the game like a minimalist Japanese garden whereby all elements that did not add to the emotional impact of the game were stripped out of the game.

Upon release Journey won many awards such as several Interactive Achievement Awards, BAFTA’s and Game Developers Choice Awards.

The soundtrack was also nominated for several Grammy’s which was a first for video games.

The video game Journey also featured prominently in the large museum exhibition New Horizons, which was part of the Next-Gen Art Event organized by Cook & Becker.

Journey Fine Art Prints

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