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Konami Tribute Art Collection

We teamed up with some of the hottest artist, illustrators and designers working in the industry today to create new, officially licensed art prints of the best Konami games. Video games such as Castlevania, Silent Hill and Contra. We do this together with Konami Digital Entertainment with the goal of creating beautiful new artworks for the best Konami video games the way you remember them. Images that capture the heart of these classic games and what they mean for us and the artists, or meant playing them in our youth. This art collection will be periodically updated with new releases from a variety of Konami video games.

The Gothic Success of Castlevania

Digital artist Kilian Eng has drawn an exclusive, official tribute print for Castlevania.

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Q&A with artist Nicolas Delort

How did his love for Castlevania influence his art?

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