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Borderlands 3 Fine Art Print Collection

The Borderlands games stand out through their creativity and artistry, their riotous gameplay and goofy comedy. The latest entry, Borderlands 3, is no exception. This wild and colorful online shooter/rpg further explores the unique Borderlands design style and gameplay formula that fans love. Part of the appeal of Borderlands has always been its attitude and the daring and colorful, bold art style. The graphic style with its black outlines and cross hatching push the designs through the screen, as if the screen is unable to contain the raw aggression of the iconic characters, guns and objects. The prints available here capture the vibrant and vivid art of Borderlands perfectly. The Psycho’s cannot be contained by one medium, and easily spill over into high art.

Sable: Exploration Through Line-Art.

We talked to studio Shedworks about their beautiful open-world game.

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Bucking the Brown Shooter trend

How Borderlands found its feet as a colorful Space Western.

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Borderlands 3 Art Director Scott Kester on communicating "an attitude"

"We went nuts!"

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