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Ghost of Tsushima Fine Art Print Collection

Ghost of Tsushima is a gorgeous video game drawing on the history of the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274. After its release in the Summer of 2020, the game was lauded for its often stunning art, as evidenced by the amazing concept art and wall art prints in this gallery.

The expressive open world game offered bold colors and perfect vistas, as well as a striking level of historic detail.

The player is Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior who sheds his bushido ideals to fight the intruders, swapping his honor system for something much more mundane and bloody.

To pull off this adventure story, Sucker Punch Productions had to dig deep into the history of Japan, to recreate a true-to-life thirteenth-Century Tsushima island.

This meant understanding the interlocking aspects of the island's geography, nature, art and inhabitants, often extrapolating ideas from an incomplete historical record.

Designers dug deep into the art and history of the so-called Kamakura Era, visiting Tsushima island for photo reference shots and criss-crossing Japan for museum exhibits that shed light on the era's culture and history.

The concept art for the game reflects that. By means of bold color choices, distinct environmental themes and stunning landmarks like pagodas or villages the player is submerged in a fantasy that pays homage to the Japan of old.

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