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Pac-Man merchandise

Browse Pac-Man merchandise, developed in close conjunction with Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Officially licensed, worldwide shipping. Pac-Man is one of gaming's true icons. Ever since the yellow muncher first set foot in arcades, both he and his ghostly adversaries have been a videogame staple, spanning eras, platforms, and generations of players.

Build Your Own (Wo)Man Cave

How To Build Your Own Video Game Room

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The official PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon book

Wakawaka! The full story on the yellow muncher laid out in our upcoming book.

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Pac-Man: video game icon

What makes Pac-Man such an unforgettable character?

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Ms. Pac-Man: love letter to the lady arcaders

The first lady of video games turns 40.

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Space Invaders: five unknown facts.

Five surprising things you didn't know about Japan's first true blockbuster game.

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