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Meet the collectors: Megan Nangle


Meet the collectors: Megan Nangle

Video game art collectors discuss their treasures.

Arjan Terpstra

21 Oct 2021 ⋅ 4 min read

In this series of interviews, collectors talk about their love for video game and pop culture art, their personal preferences and the way they display their items. This week: Megan Nangle from Bridlington, UK, talks about her love for Dishonored.

Megan Nangle laughs as she says it, understanding how odd it may sound to people, but "I love Dishonored to bits because it fits the aesthetic of my house! My personal style is a bit gothic and Halloween-y, pumpkins included, and Dishonored feels like a perfect match for that style." In our video interview she even goes as far as naming Dishonored her 'ideal game.' "Of course there's the game itself, the Victorian-era atmosphere, but it extends to outside of the game too, translating into things like the Dishonored Tarot deck, that has my name written all over it."
© Atken Photography

Megan holding up her portfolio of game art prints, showing concept portraits of Billie (left) and Delilah, both characters from Dishonored 2, made by freelance art director Veronique Meignaud, for Arkane Studios. Both prints are still available from the Cook and Becker Dishonored2 gallery.


Megan works as a pharmacologist and has been involved in sciences for years. But video games have always been on the menu, too. "As a kid, I was lucky enough that my father got Rayman for christmas, for PlayStation1, and said: here, try it out. I never gave it back, completely spoiled it!" She would soon have her own string of consoles (starting with a SEGA Mega Drive), and kept playing all the way through university, and beyond. "Uni for a lot of us was a place to hang out, drink, and play videogames, with multiplayer games on the Xbox being favored most of the time. Luckily at my job today I am surrounded by a small team that have the same hobby, so it's still a big part of the conversation for me, video games."
© Atken Photgraphy

One of Megan's many prized possessions is this Addermire, Cloud Study art print from Cook and Becker's, a popular piece that's long sold out.

Today, she lives in the town of Bridlington, near Hull, in the UK. A coastal town overlooking the North Sea, which may have informed her love of Dishonored even further--both Bridlington and Karnaca are port towns, aren't they? "Why, yes, but I wouldn't stretch the analogy too much. There's certainly a connection to the sea though. There's an image of a large whale in the Void that is stuck inside me, that I first saw in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, that I would really love to see as an art print one day. Seeing that whale in the game made such an impression on me, almost like seeing one in nature. Like you can't fathom how ancient this animal is."
© Arkane Studios

This whale in the Void, as seen in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, made a big splash with Megan. Unfortunately Cook and Becker wasn't able to license the image as an art print.


Unsurprisingly, Megan is an avid collector of Dishonored items. There's a bunch of physical promo items and special edition objects, alongside framed art prints. "Some of them need to be re-framed, I'm saving up for that. Also I still need a good portfolio, for storage." Apart from Dishonored collectibles, she collects from other franchises as well. "If I could build an extension of my house, I would definitely start an Okami room, I love the art from that game so much."
© Atken Photography

Concept art works from Arkane Studios. Thug swords (left), female Thug (mid) and Mindy Blanchard portraits (left), plus an Emily art print (top right). Most are available from the Cook and Becker Dishonored2 fine art collection.

Her collecting began years ago, when a friend introduced her to an art book of the first Assassin's Creed game. "That triggered something in me, seeing the amount of work that goes into a game, how much effort, and how sometimes a whole scene will be cut from the game. You get to admire how it is designed." One thing led to the next, and before long she was collecting art herself. "First you find the lithographs that come with special editions of games, for games like Fallout, and then you sort of progress to fine art prints and other quality items. Of course, over time a lot of these early finds had to be de-homed. They cease to trigger you in the way they originally did, so most promotional items I ditched. Or, to put a spin on it, I specialised, haha."
© Atken Photography

Various Dishonored 2 memorabilia, most from gaming conventions and various press kits of the games and DLC's.

© Atken Photography

Megan posing with one of her key artworks; a signed Kaldwin's bridge print from the first Dishonored game.

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