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Video game gift guide 2022


Video game gift guide 2022

Find the best gifts for the season in our Game Gift Guide 2022!

Arjan Terpstra

01 Nov 2022 ⋅ 3 min read

In need of gift ideas for the season? We have the best gifts for gamers of all ages, and for all budgets. Please a video game fan with a spectacular art print, a fancy notebook, or great books on game design or retro gaming. Below you will find the best game gifts for 2022. For a more great gift ideas, please click here for our Complete Game Gift Guide 2022!

From USD 30,-


Gamers take note: we have various video game themed notebooks available, in high quality finishes, for affordable prices. Check out our luxury THE WITCHER notebook for instance, made in close conjunction with The Witcher studio CD Projekt Red, that just begs you to jot down your seasonal recipes, or spells. Other themed notebooks are our HORIZON ZERO DAWN and PERSONA 5 notebooks, both bound to please fans.
Horizon Zero Dawn Notebook LE
© Guerrilla Games

Our collection of notebook and stationery sets can be found through this link, that leads directly to our Books, Notebooks, and Vinyl section.

From USD 60,-

PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon book

Retro and 80s lovers are sure to enjoy our book PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon. This official, illustrated history of everyone's yellow hero was deemed 'Best gaming book of 2021' by Forbes, and is available in two versions, with the Collector's Edition offering a unique, Pac-Man shaped slipcase and much more.
© Cook and Becker

PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon is available from this website, as a Standard Edition (shown here) or extensive Collector's Edition. Click this link for more information.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG art and design book

Speeding through video game history since 1991, Sonic is a true gaming legend. Our official Sonic art and design book dives into the origins of the character and the roster of friends and frenemies, and is based on interviews with Sonic's original designers. A must-have for all Sonic fans, the book comes in two versions: a Standard Edition that's just the book, and a Collector's Edition that packs several extras, including an exclusive screen print by one of SEGA's greatest artists, Yuji Uekawa.
© Cook and Becker

The official Sonic the Hedgehog art and design book is available through this website. Please visit our product pages to learn more about the Standard Edition and Collector's Edition for this title.

From USD 100,-

ELDEN RING art prints

Recently released as a stunning fine art collection, our official ELDEN RING art prints never fail to have impact. Available framed or unframed, spectacular prints like Godfrey (shown here) or Erdtree come in large sizes, the latter spanning a whopping 27H x 75W cm/11 H x 30 W inch. Click the links for details!
© Bandai Namco Entertainment Ltd.

The artwork 'Godfrey' is one of the available art prints in our ELDEN RING fine art collection. See details on the piece by clicking this link.

From USD 250,-

Game art prints on metal

Cook and Becker offers official art prints for over 80 different video games. Each print can be ordered framed or unframed, but you could also consider buying an art print on metal! This yields very rich imagery, as the aluminum backing reflects the natural light, amplifying the colors. The example here is a large StarCraft art print.
© Jae Lykken Photography

Owner Sonny Skinner proudly poses in front of his large StarCraft "Marine vs. Hydralisk" artwork, measuring 150 cm high and 143 cm wide, that was printed on metal using the ChromaLuxe method. Used by kind permission.

...and much, much more!

This is simply a selection of items we feel make the best gifts for the season, so we won't feel insulted when you select something from our extensive video game gift guide. We also have official video game art prints from over 80 renowned games, adding more to the roster as time goes by. The same goes for our notebooks and books, and also game vinyl, so make sure to visit back once in a while, and subscribe to our newsletter (see below, right) to keep up to date. Happy holidays!
Joker and violet - persona 5
© Atlus

'Joker and Violet', available as fine art print from our official Persona 5 art collection. Click the link for details.

Cook and Becker video game gift guide 2022

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