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Pre-order campaign update


Pre-order campaign update

Yoshitaka Amano x The Last of Us


18 Jul 2023 ⋅ 3 min read

All the news and updates about the Yoshitaka Amano x The Last of Us Campaign.

October 31
The revised artwork has been sent to us by Amano-san's manager, and has been sent for approval to Naughty Dog.

September 29
We have a campaign update for you today for the Yoshitaka Amano x The Last of Us project.

Yoshitaka Amano was originally scheduled to finish the artwork this September. We received an artwork from him via his manager on September 26th, the 10th anniversary of The Last of Us. This was unfortunately too late to include in the anniversary festivities (in case you were wondering why you didn't see the artwork that day). But also, after review with all stakeholders, we felt that the work needed some revisions to more accurately catch the essence of The Last of Us. So we made the decision to discuss this with Amano-San and his manager and see where in his calendar in October he could execute those revisions. So, today we unfortunately have to ask you to be a little bit more patient with us while we work through this.

Thank you for your Yoshitaka Amano x The Last of Us order and for helping to make this extraordinary project a reality!

You probably noticed that within a day of the campaign going live, we already cleared the original campaign goal! The campaign is actually live for a few more days, but all campaign exclusive art print editions have sold out, and we're comfortably over 200% funded! You helped us do it, for which we are very grateful, as this also serves as validation for us to do more of these ambitious art projects in the future.

So what has been happening behind the scenes since the campaign went live and got funded?

Mr. Yoshitaka Amano was scheduled to work on a sketch in August that serves as the basis for the final artwork. We received that sketch late August and submitted it for approval and feedback to the The Last of Us team at Naughty Dog. Since Amano-san works with traditional mediums this stage is quite important because it is hard to make changes beyond the sketch phase. The Naughty Dog team liked and approved the sketch, and Amano-san is now scheduled to finish the artwork in the week of September 17. Which should mean that we can stick to our original plan of revealing the final artwork this month and going into print production soon after!

We originally planned to show you the sketch when it was approved, but Amano's management has requested us kindly not to do that (We assume because they're hesitant of sharing unfinished artwork by Yoshitaka Amano that will surely find its way all over the internet). We can say a little bit of what you can expect in terms of style and content of the artwork though: It is based on The Last of Us (the first game), and is a nighttime scene of Ellie and Joel resting at camp along the road! We'll share more news when we have it!

July 20th Thank you for supporting this initiative and helping us realize this amazing project! This is the place where we'll update you about new developments!