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Official Guild Wars 2 Art Prints


Official Guild Wars 2 Art Prints

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02 May 2016 ⋅ 2 min read

Together with studio ArenaNet we created a collection of beautiful giclee art prints and posters made from official Guild Wars 2 concept art. The art prints are available for purchase from today.

An absolute top team of concept artists and illustrators worked on the visual development of Guild Wars 2 under the direction of art director Daniel Dociu. Known names and rising stars such as artists Kekai Kotaki, Richard Anderson, Theo Prins, Ruan Jia, Jamie Ro and of course Daniel Dociu himself helped design and shape a beautiful and colorful fantasy world for this big MMO videogame.

Guild Wars 2 is an online videogame set in a sprawling virtual fantasy world that players from across the world can access and explore together. The game is both creatively and commercially a huge success. Guild Wars 2 sold millions of copies and the game was launched to critical acclaim.

The fantastic concept artworks of Guild Wars 2 cover a broad range of styles and themes but still form a coherent whole when presented together. Art director Daniel Dociu makes it a focus to recruit people from all walks of life and backgrounds to his concept art team. Because of its nature as a dynamic online world, Guild Wars 2 continuously evolves. By having a group of artists with a wide range of backgrounds the game always stays fresh and exciting. And now you can admire this world in this collection of beautiful art prints we put together.

Guild Wars 2 Fine Art Print Collection

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