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Dzalou Freshwater Mangrove

Limited edition art prints by Jesse van Dijk for sale online at Cook & Becker.

The idyllic Dzalou Freshwater Mangrove is a typical Van Dijk work, featuring his trademark imaginary realism, technical accomplishment and the employment of his full palette of digital implements. Digital pencil strokes and photographic source material harmonize effortlessly and as with most of his work, the fantastic is grounded in a pervasive sense of realism.

Good design is not about beauty alone, as the work of digital landscape artist Jesse van Dijk demonstrates. The landscapes he creates for the international game- and entertainment industry are visually spectacular but also communicate an elaborate design vision. The design also has a concrete function, much as architecture does, in the context of its virtual world. It needs to blend in or jar incongruously, stir emotion or convey a message.

Dzalou Freschwater Mangrove originated from one of Van Dijk's own projects called City On Stilts, which started out with some pole houses. Van Dijk thought the poles were inadequate for load-bearing, so they were replaced by trees. The bigger trees allowed for more houses, and slowly a whole village grew.

Atypically for Van Dijk, the name of the painting is an anomaly."My girlfriend is active in ecological preservation and she pointed out to me that there are only salt-water mangroves. I decided to leave it like this," he laughs.

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Jesse van Dijk

Jesse van Dijk (born in The Netherlands, 1977) is considered one of the finest digital landscape artists in the world. He currently works as a concept artist and art director at Bungie Studios in Seattle, and has worked for other high-profile game studios, such as Guerrilla Games. Van Dijk also doubles as freelancer for major Hollywood movie studios and publishers, in addition to working on his own private projects.

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