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Ocean Scrapbook

The Blue Skies retro-esthetics of Ocean Scrapbook are typical of pixel art made by Paul Veer. Ocean Scrapbook is the visual blueprint of a game he hopes to make one day. The vivid colours and a careful placing of each pixel in this eye popping print show Veer’s mastery of this art form and technique.

Pixel art by Paul Veer is now available in museum-quality giclée prints exclusively at Cook & Becker. Paul is known for his pixel artwork for game studio Vlambeer.

Paul Veer

Pixel artist and Sonic aficionado Paul Veer (born in 1987, in The Netherlands) is probably best known by players of Vlambeer games like Nuclear Throne or Super Crate Box. A longstanding corroborator of the famed indie studio, Veer was responsible for much of the look and feel of its games, giving life to the quirky pixellated characters and animations.

Paul Veer Personal Work


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