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On the Beach

Before Uncharted 4 chapters 'At Sea' and 'Marooned' were completed, the Naughty Dog team wanted to get the feel for the deserted tropical islands right before Sam and Nathan Drake would hit them. This beach view by Naughty Dog concept artist Eytan Zana, served this purpose. Sketchy as it is (just zoom in on the rocks in the back, up close they’re only digital paint strokes), the image gives just the right impression of where our heroes – and thus the player - will find themselves at some point in the game. The image communicates the beauty and tranquility of a holiday island but also has a touch of melancholy to it: the beach setting is also present in the Epilogue chapter of Uncharted 4. Are we seeing a retired Nathan Drake walking the beach in front of his house on a tropical island, his adventurous years behind him?

On the Beach is an original art print from concept art used in the production of Uncharted 4. This museum-grade limited edition is hand-numbered and comes with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity.

Naughty Dog

If there is one thing that defines the output of American developer Naughty Dog - founded in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, in 1986 - it is their cinematic style of video game storytelling.

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