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Rooftops is a set of 3 prints.

Reviewers generally reflected positive on Mirror's Edge Catalyst, praising the game's open world gameplay and parkour exploration. Rooftops play a crucial part in this, as they make the playground for Faith's athletic parkour runs. This set of three concept studies by EA DICE concept artist Frej Appel helps understanding the challenges involved in designing environments for a game like Mirror's Edge Catalyst. There are the gameplay aspects: Where does the player go to dive off a building? What artefacts are used to climb? And how are ramps best put to use, by skidding or running? But there are also architectural considerations. The structure of buildings within the game's environments, the overall aesthetic etc. This set of three prints really illustrates this way of thinking by the artist.

This limited-edition concept art print is part of the official Mirror's Edge Catalyst print collection by Cook & Becker and DICE.


DICE (or: EA Digital Illusions CE AB, in full) is a Swedish video game developer from Stockholm, best known for its highly successful Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, and Star Wars games.

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