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Air to Ground

'Air to Ground' is an official concept artwork used in the production of Battlefield 1, the video game created by EA DICE. The artists are Senior Concept Artists Robert Sammelin and Eric Persson. This limited edition Certified Art Giclee™ print is part of the official Battlefield 1 fine art collection by Cook & Becker and EA DICE.

The concept art work 'Air to Ground' by EA DICE Concept Artists Robert Sammelin and Eric Persson captures a moment in World War I when aeroplanes caught the imagination. At the start of the Great War, aviation technology was hardly a decade old, and untested against the strains of warfare. Both pilots, ground personnel, and manufacturers quickly adapted the air weapon to war conditions, developing distinctive weapons like the fast flying fighter plane, high altitude reconnaissance planes or slow-but-steady bomber planes. The 'Air to Ground' art work dramatically highlights one of the fighter planes' specialties: low-flying 'strafing' runs, raining down bullets on the unfortunate souls on the ground.


DICE (or: EA Digital Illusions CE AB, in full) is a Swedish video game developer from Stockholm, best known for its highly successful Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, and Star Wars games.

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