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Gwyn Lord of Cinder

The star of the opening cinematics of Dark Souls, and the end boss you battle as a player, it’s impossible to miss Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. The character is important for the Dark Souls series in more ways than one, connecting the lore of the first installment with the two following games – Gwyn reincarnates (together with other Lords of Cinder) as Soul of Cinder in Dark Souls III.
In this great concept art piece by FromSoftware, Gwyn is imagined in a dramatic pose, backlit by flaming cinders. A digital artwork, the creators emulated old-fashioned techniques and materials to ‘light up’ the flames: pastel crayon lines are heavily scratched with a sharp object to achieve a dynamic effect.

'Gwyn Lord of Cinder' is an official concept artwork for Dark Souls, the first video game in the Dark Souls series, made by Japanese studio FromSoftware. This limited edition Certified Art Giclee™ print is part of the official Dark Souls fine art collection by Cook & Becker, FromSoftware, and Bandai Namco. The print is hand-numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Studio FromSoftware, Inc. is responsible for giving us some of modern gaming's most influential titles.

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