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Shrine of Amana

'Shrine of Amana' is official concept artwork for action role playing video game Dark Souls II, made by Japanese studio FromSoftware. This limited edition Certified Art Giclee™ print is part of the official Dark Souls fine art collection by Cook & Becker, FromSoftware, and Bandai Namco. The print is hand-numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

One of the more endearing and original areas in Dark Souls II must be the Shrine of Amana. A large waterlogged cavern hides beneath a canopy of enormous tangled roots. The water – which turns out to be waist-deep in some parts, as players find out – is littered with ruins and archways, and lit by fireflies and fluorescent blue vegetation. The place has an unearthly, beautiful and mysterious feel to it – which vanishes quickly after the first enemy encounters using magic spells that range across the entire level. It's a memorable area, with an unique, dreamlike atmosphere that's emphasized by the enchanting song of the 'milfanitos', a group of women that sing to comfort the souls around them.


Studio FromSoftware, Inc. is responsible for giving us some of modern gaming's most influential titles.

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