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'Makoto' is official concept artwork for Japanese role-playing video game Persona 5, made by the Persona 5 art team from the Japanese studio Atlus. This limited edition Certified Art Giclee™ print is part of the official Persona 5 fine art collection by Cook & Becker, and Atlus. The print is hand-numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Portrait of Makoto Niijima in Metaverse outfit. The long scarf, Makoto's dark two-toned suit and her spiked protection gear are generally understood as references to the Kamen Rider franchise, a Japanese superheroes' series that started in the early 1970's. The original series spearheaded a surge in Japanese action-hero productions in TV, film, and manga, while also popularizing the much-copied 'henshin sequence': a move in which the hero takes on a ritualistic pose during a fight scene, shouts the keyword 'henshin', and transforms into his or her superhero form.


Atlus is a Japanese video game developer and publisher based in Tokyo, Japan, mostly known for its Megami Tensei, Persona, Etrian Odyssey, and Trauma Center series.

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