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Lonely Rainbow Queen

Lonely Rainbow Queen is an original, limited-edition fine art print from French illustrator and concept artist Emmanuel Malin. The print is hand-numbered and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticy and signed label.

About the explosion of color that is Lonely Rainbow Queen, Emmanuel Malin says: "A desire for color and a wish to test the limits of my palette led me to create this scene of a lone little girl lost in the woods that at the same time is also a source of life. It seemed to me the perfect topic."

Emmanuel Malin

"I work fairly instinctively", says Parisian artist Emmanuel Bastid (Malin is his artist handle) about his work process. "With each new work or each new commission I try to capture the invisible and try to create several layers of interpretation in an image. The artworks really only find their final form while I work on them.

I like images that allow me to tell my own story, wherein - while working on them - visual clues appear that assist my storytelling. I hope that that feeling of exploration transcends to the person that looks at the images. I try to be chatty in my work also and to give things substance by mixing figurative and abstract elements and big gestures with delicate refinements."

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