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The Rider

The Rider is an original digital art print by artist and illustrator Kilian Eng. This gorgeous, museum-grade, Certified Art Giclee comes in two limited-editions. The large-size is an edition of 12. The standard size is a limited-edition of 50. Prints in both sizes are hand-numbered and come with an artist-signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The Rider is another magical and meticulously drawn artwork by Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng.
"The idea behind The Rider was that the character riding the horse is crossing a bridge between two worlds", says artist Kilian Eng about this print. "Perhaps between life and death. If you look very closely, you can see a bright imprint of the rider on the dark side of the bridge on the left. Like he has passed over and turned into a ghost or spirit maybe. There is also a ghost or spirit standing in front of the gate to the city. I'm not sure if that is the same character or another figure waiting for him on the other side. I always try to allow for multiple interpretations of my work".

Kilian Eng

Kilian Eng is one of the most unique and skilled digital illustrators working today. He has created art prints and posters for clients such as HBO, Wired, Warner Bros, The New York Times and Cook and Becker. Eng’s richly detailed, retro-futurist works, simultaneously dreamlike and rooted in physical realism, continue to attract both private collectors and commercial admiration.

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Kilian Eng Personal Artworks

I invite the viewer to fantasize about what might happen before and after the exact moment frozen in the picture.

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